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Tuesday Tip - Visuals on a lanyard

In today's Tuesday Tip, I discuss using visuals to gain students' attention and enhance communication, especially for those with autism, auditory challenges, etc., by keeping them handy on a lanyard.

Video Transcript

So it's Tuesday and that means there's another tip coming your way. Being a teacher is really hard and getting children's attention can be one of the most challenging things that we do. Today I want to talk about the power of visuals to do that.

If you have a…

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Teacher Showing Students Paper

S3 Ep13 - How to Engage Reluctant Students in the Classroom

Hello to you and welcome to this episode of the Structured Literacy Podcast recorded here in beautiful Pataway, Burnie. My name is Jocelyn and it's wonderful to have you here with me. We have all known a student who we believed can perform skills, such as reading and writing, and have become frustrated when, day in, day out, they produce very little work or appear to be making very little effort to engage in the work we've assigned. I've heard the followin…

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Woman Working at Table with Books and Laptop

S3 E1 - Getting Clear About What is Important in 2024

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Welcome back.
Welcome. Welcome. A thousand welcomes to the first podcast episode of the Structured Literacy Podcast for 2024. Today, we are kicking off our second year of the podcast recorded here in Tasmania, the home of the Palawa people.

Today's Topic - Getting Clear and Setting Goals.
I'd like to start us off for the year with an episode all about goals. Now, don't worry. We aren't going to run through a process of making our goals SMART as in speci…

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Our Class Rules

Show AND Tell

The start of a new school year (or term, or week, or day) brings with it a desire to establish routines and expectations in our classrooms.  It is usual to spend time with students talking about rules and outlining what will be expected of all members of the class.   These will be reinforced each day as you give instructions to students. You might ask them to enter the classroom quietly or move quickly to pack up.  

This is all great if students understand what it is you want them t…

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