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A NICE Framework for Choosing a New Approach

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Hi there. It's brilliant to have you here with me for this episode of the Structured Literacy Podcast. My name is Jocelyn, and I hope that you are having a fantastic day. I'd like to begin this episode by acknowledging the Palawa people of Tasmania and the 40,000 year connection that they share with the lands and waterways of this beautiful place that I have the privilege of living in.

Today's Topic - NICE.
In this episode of the podca…

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Why isn't my Tier 1 Instruction working?

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Hello, and welcome to the Structured Literacy Podcast. My name is Jocelyn, and I'm so pleased that you've decided to join me for this episode. A little while ago, I created an episode called, Why Isn't My Tier Two Instruction Working? This was episode three of season two. In this episode, I shared several reasons that things might not be going to plan and suggested ways that schools might strengthen Tier-two practices to make them as effective …

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5 Evidence-informed Alternatives to Independent Silent Reading

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Today, I'd like to talk to you about is the issue that has had me with a bee in my bonnet for a little while now, and that is the large amount of time that many children spend in independent silent reading during literacy instruction.

My challenge with this is not that it is bad for children to read on their own; in fact, we know that there are positive impacts. Professor Pam Snow from La Trobe University talks often about the fact t…

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Simple Steps for Big Change

It is the school holidays and I know that it is very likely you have half of your brain occupied by what you’ll be doing next term to create great learning opportunities for your students.  You might have big plans that you are excited about, or you might have big wishes that you know you can’t implement because your school still follows a balanced literacy approach.  Whether you are in the first or second situation, I want you to know that while our goal is to have a fully evidence aligned cl…

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Using Decodable Texts to Meet Student Needs

We have all heard about decodable texts and the need to ditch 3 cueing.  It is now well established that children should only be given material to read in the early stage of learning to read that contains graphemes and high frequency words they have been taught and that 'sounding out' is the only strategy we should be teaching when children are lifting the words from the page.  However, even this switch to decodable texts does not mean that one size fits all. 

Before I talk about stud…

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