TT - How do I help my students improve fluency?

Tuesday Tip - Improve Fluency

In today's Tuesday Tip, I discuss helping struggling readers improve fluency by identifying and underlining text, fostering independent thinking and fluency development.

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Welcome to this week's Tuesday Tip. Now you might not know, but I've worked with struggling readers for about 15 years now. Actually they're my favourite students to work with. And one of the things that I see happen with them is they learn the phoneme-grapheme correspondence. They learn their word le…

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Tuesday Tip - Evaluate Student Engagement

In today's Tuesday Tip, I discuss the concept of children actively doing in the classroom.

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Jocelyn here with a Tuesday Tip. This is number four in our series about maintaining high engagement in low variance instruction. And today's tip is about making sure that children have enough to do. In the words of Anita Archer, explicit teaching is about, I do something, you do something. I say something, you say something.

Watching, copying, learning, listening, they, and just doin…

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Tuesday Tip - Avoid Suffixing Shortcuts

In today's Tuesday Tip, I discuss suffixes and avoiding using shortcuts when teaching students.

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It's Jocelyn here with a Tuesday tip. It's easy to fall into the trap of sharing shortcuts with children about how words are spelled. So perhaps the word raked comes up. Well, you might say, well, we have to add the suffix -ed, but there's already an E there, so just whack a D on the end. Well, that actually doesn't help children understand how that particular convention works.

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Classroom with Student with Raised Hand and Teacher

S3 Ep17 - Do Nonsense Words have a Place in Upper Primary?

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Hi there, it's Jocelyn here, and I'm so pleased to welcome you to this episode of the Structured Literacy Podcast, where we talk about teaching, leading and literacy. This podcast is recorded here in Pataway, Burnie, and I'd like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which I work and live, the home of the Palawa people. One of the points of contention in adopting a structured approach to teaching literacy is nonsense words. These words, which…

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TT - Aim for Functional Understanding, Not Perfection

Tuesday Tip - Aim for Functional Understanding, Not Perfection

In today's Tuesday Tip, I discuss function over perfection.

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Hi everyone. It's Tuesday and here's my tip. The goal of word study in the primary school is not to teach a full linguistics course to our students or to teach them every single thing about every word. It is to help them have a functional understanding of how words work so that they can use this knowledge later in their own work.

So when you're deciding how deep do I go in the explanation here? How much do I have…

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