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Evidence-informed, explicit teaching resources for the whole literacy block for F-6

If you are

- trying to create cohesion within your literacy block
- struggling to engage students in explicit lessons
- feeling unsure about whether your instruction reflects current research
- feeling lost as you attempt to create connection between sections of your literacy block
- working hard to create consistent practice across classrooms

You are in the right place!

Access Resources and guidance for your whole literacy block
for just $15 per month! ($3.25 per week+ GST)

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No matter what area of literacy, or what primary grade you are teaching, we've got you covered.

Lessons, printables and homework resources for the whole alphabetic code

As well as assessment resources, partner practice booklets, printable resources and alignment to popular decodable texts series, you'll find resources for Phonics and Decoding right across the whole code. 

Regardless of the phonics program your school is using, you'll find useful, simple resources to help your students cement their foundational skills and knowledge. 

You'll also have digital access to our phonics instruction manuals:
-Reading Success in Action 1 - The Basic Code
-Reading Success in Action 2 - The Complex Code
-Reading Success in Action 3 - Alternate Spellings

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Comprehensive Morphology, Syntax and Parts of Speech instruction ready to teach

Once students know the alphabetic code, it's time to turn their attention to the meaningful units in words: morphemes. To support you in building student knowledge and skill, The Resource Room brings you teaching presentations and guidance around morphology, syntax, and parts of speech. Research shows that morphology learning is strengthened when we help students apply new learning in context, so the Resource Room provides you with reading passages for every one of our units. We help you teach morphology like a pro! 

Not sure whether your Year 3-6 students are ready to dive into morphology?  Don't worry. We have a diagnostic assessment waiting for you. 

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Text-Based Units for Every Grade

Don't spend hours writing your own Text-Based Units. Inside the Resource Room you'll find Text-Based Units written for every grade of primary school that include: 

- Background knowledge building texts
- Teacher Guide
- Teaching Presentations
- Vocabulary presentations and guide
- 'Plan on a page' for easy planning
- Integrated syntax and parts of speech instruction
- Alignment to v9 of the Australian Curriculum

Resource Room text-based units are carefully crafted to provide you and your students with a teaching and learning experience that supports cognitive load.  

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Professional Learning and Support are Central to your Resource Room Experience

As a Resource Room member, you'll have access to ongoing professional learning and support

Two four-week live courses every year. 

Regular mastermind sessions to help keep you on course

Fortnightly office hours are available for regular live coaching

How much value will I find inside the Resource Room?

  • Access to a range of ready-made teaching resources across the Big 6 of reading and all grades (value $150)
  • Digital access to all three Reading Success in Action books (valued at $142 in hard copy)
  • 2 x live Teach Along courses each year (valued at $300)
  • 8 x live Mastermind sessions per year (valued at $600)
  • Time (and cognitive load) saving text based units.  These units will save you 8-10 hours of work each (value: relaxing and spending time with family)

$ value of all of the inclusions = $1192 (+GST)
What you'll pay: $165 (+GST) per year

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Access Resources and guidance for your whole literacy block
for just $15 per month! ($3.25 per week+ GST)

Our Resources are Created with Research Evidence in Mind

We believe that all children have the right to learn to read and write with evidence-informed instruction and every teacher has the right to be supported to make that happen. To make this a reality, we ground every resource, program and professional learning session in research evidence wherever possible.  In developing our professional learning programs and teaching resources, we apply the findings of robust research so that you can: 

Teach explicitly and bring every child along for the learning journey: The explicit teaching model is an evidence-based framework for instruction that has been shown to enhance outcomes for a wide variety of students. All elements of the Resource Room and our programs support you to create a learning environment of full participation and engagement for all students. 

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Support cognitive load: Cognitive load theory provides us with a framework to understand how memory works and our role in supporting student learning. This important theory, developed by educational psychologists John Sweller and others, outlines key factors for teachers to consider when teaching students to read and write. All of our resources and teaching programs support student cognitive load by breaking learning down into small parts and ensuring that students are fluent before bringing them together to apply to reading and writing.  

Teach children to read and spell words automatically: Linnea Ehri states that the ability to decode new words is necessary to move to automatic reading and spelling. Further, the key to this development is knowledge of phoneme/grapheme correspondences and the ability to blend and segment phonemes to decode and spell unfamiliar words. Children must learn to work with the whole alphabetic code in order for strong reading writing to develop. 

Have confidence teaching all of the components of reading and writing: Both reading and writing develop from the building of skill and knowledge in a range of areas, including phonics and decoding, morphology, vocabulary, background knowledge, syntax, parts of speech, text structures, and orthographic conventions.  Our work helps you explicitly build student knowledge and skill in these areas to enable children to engage with rich text both for reading and writing. 

Build student knowledge: Students who have strong knowledge of the world around them and how our language works are well-equipped to build strong skills in both reading and writing.  Our lessons and units of work provide teachers with all they need to build both knowledge and skill across all areas of literacy.