I am so pleased to bring you your go-to place for structured literacy.

Teacher's live are busy and trying to find quality, simple to use resources that align with Science of Reading isn't always easy. That's why I am starting The Resource Room; an online subscription to help you bring structured literacy to life in your classroom. 

No matter what area of literacy, or what primary grade you are teaching, I've got you covered.

Phonics and Decoding Instruction.

Lesson resources, printables and presentations for all parts of the code. 

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

Lesson plans and presentations to teach this all-important area of literacy. 

Oral Language and Vocabulary

Lesson plans, presentations, printables and information about teaching all things oral language. 

Syntax and Grammar

Teach your students about sentence structure, parts of speech and how to apply these concepts to both reading comprehension and writing. 

Text Based Units

Full units based in rich text, suitable for the entire primary school that are fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum.  These units incorporate both reading and writing concepts. 


Presentations and lesson resources to teach your students about how words work. 

Your Resource Room membership includes digital access to:

-Reading Success in Action 1 - The Basic Code
-Reading Success in Action 2 - The Complex Code
-Reading Success in Action 3 - Alternate Spellings

as well as the assessments, partner practice booklets, printable resources and alignment to popular decodable texts series. 
(Please note, this digital access to lessons involves viewing only. They cannot be printed or downloaded)

Having digital access to these books means that you do not have to carry your books to and from home as you plan your lessons and, if you leave your book in the car, you have a ready reference right there on your phone or device. 


"No teacher has to tackle the task of teaching their students to read and write on their own."

The Resource Room is also about support

Being a teacher isn't always an easy undertaking and knowing that you have a team at your back is important. That's why your Resource Room subscription comes with: 

Monthly live masterminds

Each month you will have the chance to join me for a live support session. 

A forum to ask questions and share

It is important that you have 'right there' answers to your questions. The forum is the place to connect.