Tuesday Tip - Evaluate Student Engagement


In today's Tuesday Tip, I discuss the concept of children actively doing in the classroom.

Video Transcript

Jocelyn here with a Tuesday Tip. This is number four in our series about maintaining high engagement in low variance instruction. And today's tip is about making sure that children have enough to do. In the words of Anita Archer, explicit teaching is about, I do something, you do something. I say something, you say something.

Watching, copying, learning, listening, they, and just doing all of these things passively, none of that leads to actual thinking and children learning. If you want children to engage with learning and to actually take something away from your lessons that they remember, we need to make sure they have enough to do and actively think about.

So here's a challenge for you today. If you're feeling brave, have someone come and take a tally and actually record and score up how many minutes children in your lessons are spending actively engaged in learning and thinking and doing as opposed to sitting passively listening, watching, copying. The results might surprise you.

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