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Tuesday Tip - Be Laser Focused on Building Foundational Skills Regardless of Age

In today's Tuesday Tip, I discuss the importance of foundational skills.

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Hey there folks, it's Jocelyn and it's time for a Tuesday tip. Foundational skills are critical if children are going to engage deeply with reading and writing, but it can feel like a struggle to fit it all in, as well as all of that more robust deep learning. My tip today is about having a Absolute laser focus on building foundational skills for students, regardless of age.

If students need phonics,…

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S3 Ep15 - Four Points to Consider When Pacing Phonics Instruction

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Hi there, welcome to this episode of the Structured Literacy Podcast, it's Jocelyn here coming to you from Tasmania, the home of the Palawa people. At Jocelyn Seamer Education, we believe that every child has the right to be taught with evidence-informed instruction and that every teacher has the right to be supported to make that happen. It's a nice idea to always base instructional decisions on research. It would be wonderful to have certainty in this way,…

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The Surprising Recommendations about Teaching PA

It’s a great thing that our understanding of the role of phonological and phonemic awareness has increased in recent times.  This shift in awareness means that the largest number of children possible have the active ingredients necessary to learn to read well.  Phonological and phonemic awareness is divided into two sections:

  • Phonological sensitivity – the awareness of language units larger than phonemes. This includes syllables, rhyming, onsets and rimes, phrases and words.
  • Phonemic awarene…

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