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S3 Ep12 - What to Expect When Working with a Consultant

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Welcome to the Structured Literacy Podcast, where we talk all things school and literacy.

This episode was recorded on the lands of the Palawa people here in beautiful Pataway, Burnie in Tasmania. We discuss a wide variety of topics on the Structured Literacy Podcast, everything from phonics to morphology and text-based units, and this week I'd like to deviate from our usual content and talk about what is involved in working with a consultant. Now, …

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S1 E22 - Change is hard, and we need everyone to do it


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Hi there, everyone. Welcome to this episode of the Structured Literacy Podcast, the place where we talk all things reading, writing, and structured literacy. I'm bringing this podcast to you from Tasmania, the lands of the Palawa people.

Today's topic - Why learning can be hard.
Learning is hard. That's no news to any of us. We teach our students the mantra; we can do hard things. We want them to be resilient in the face of obstacles, to…

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