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Tuesday Tip - Mentor Text VS Stimulus Text

In today's Tuesday Tip, I discuss switching from mentor text to stimulus text.


Video Transcript

It's Jocelyn with a Tuesday Tip. We all know that authentic, beautiful texts are fantastic to work with in the classroom. They're not just a nice to have, they are a must have. We often want to use those texts as the jumping off point for writing. And today I want to talk to you about the language we use to describe these texts.

We often refer to them as mentor texts. And the trouble with this…

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Boy Reading Book

S1 E9 - What does 'authentic text' really mean in the Australian curriculum?


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Transcript Summary

When the words predictable texts were removed from the Australian curriculum in 2022, supporters of structured literacy cheered very loudly. For years, arguments against the inclusion of predictable or levelled text were met with the response, "But it says in the curriculum that children should be using them," and you'd think that having those words removed from the curriculum would be the end of the discussion, but no. The reason that this d…

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