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S2 E5 - How Do We Know That It's Time To Start And Stop Reading Decodables?

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Welcome to this week's episode of the Structured Literacy Podcast. Coming to you from Pataway, Burnie in gorgeous Tasmania.  I'm Jocelyn, and I'm so pleased that you've been able to join me.

In this episode, I'm going to discuss a question that comes up often in our live events and online forums.  That is, how do we know when it's time to begin and then move on from using decodable texts?

For a lot of years, decodable texts were very limited to…

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Using Decodable Texts to Meet Student Needs

We have all heard about decodable texts and the need to ditch 3 cueing.  It is now well established that children should only be given material to read in the early stage of learning to read that contains graphemes and high frequency words they have been taught and that 'sounding out' is the only strategy we should be teaching when children are lifting the words from the page.  However, even this switch to decodable texts does not mean that one size fits all. 

Before I talk about stud…

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