Spelling Success in Action

Spelling Success in Action helps you ensure that your students build their knowledge of English words beyond phonics.

Spelling Success in Action 1 - Getting Started with Morphology and Spelling Conventions introduces the most common prefixes and suffixes as well as the key suffixing conventions to ensure that students have a firm grasp on these basic spelling rules.  This book is designed to complement phonics instruction in the early years but can be used in Years 3-6 to fill gaps in foundational knowledge. 

Spelling Success in Action - Getting Started with Morphology (2)

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Once students have the foundational knowledge about common prefixes and suffixes and how to use them, it's time to move onto deeper exploration of prefixes and suffixes.  Spelling Success in Action 2 is a complete program for this work in Years 3-4, but can also be used for Years 5-7 to build this knowledge. 

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