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English is a morpho-phonemic language that is as influenced by morphology as it is by phonics. As such, it is necessary to teach students to both understand and use this critical area of language. Spelling Success in Action guides teachers and students through the exploration of prefixes and suffixes at four levels: morpheme, word, sentence and text. The inclusion of these levels of exploration means that students have the opportunity to transfer their new learning to practical situations quickly, resulting in a greater depth of understanding and long term retention.

Spelling Success in Action is designed with built-in differentiation, making it easier for teachers to support the inevitable variation in reading and spelling development in their class. It provides a ‘low floor - high ceiling’ approach to lessons ensuring that instruction is inclusive and stimulating for the largest number of students possible in whole class lessons. 


Program Features

Teacher Guide

Our easy to read, comprehensive teaching guide provides:

  • Detailed background knowledge about each morpheme taught
  • Step-by-step guidance for teaching every aspect of the daily 20 minute lessons across the four day teaching sequence. Spelling Success in Action is highly structured, but not fully scripted.
  • Answers to all student tasks
  • Instructions for delivering the weekly assessment task
  • Options for daily review and consolidation

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A4 Morphology Cards

Visually appealing introduction cards to teach from and display. Each card contains core information and word lists as well as student-friendly definitions to  support vocabulary instruction.

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Student Workbooks

Lasting for two years, our student workbooks support instruction at morpheme, word and text level and contain weekly, written assessments.

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'Stepped' Student Readers

Our specially written ‘stepped’ readers provide the opportunity to apply new knowledge of morphology to reading authentic texts while supporting each student with the support that they need. All readers contain:

  • The same key vocabulary featuring the new morpheme
  • The same central text content (either narrative or non-fiction text)
  • The same follow up task
  • Alignment of page numbers between texts

This means that teachers can engage students in discussions centred on comprehension of the text and all students can be fully engaged. To protect the dignity of struggling students, all books have identical covers, with the only difference being a single identifying letter.

Student readers are shared one between two students to facilitate interaction and support. 

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Training is Included!

We know how difficult it is to find the time and money to make sure that your teachers are adequately trained in a new program. That's why Spelling Success in Action 2 - Prefixes and Suffixes comes with a free digital course included with every Teacher Starter Kit and every Full Classroom Kit which comes with a hardcopy workbook to use as you make your way through the course. The online course covers: 

- Foundational knowledge of how words work
- Foundational knowledge of morphology
- How to use Spelling Success in Action 2 in the classroom
- Supporting students with reading and spelling difficulties
- Extending students who are ready for more
- Consolidating student learning
- Assessment
- Choosing content for maximum impact

All modules are broken down into small 'chunks' so that you can complete them in the way that works for you. 
In addition, when you have new staff join your team or you are looking to upskill your existing staff, they too can access the online course for just $170 including workbook.  Sustainability for the long term is a big part of the success of any new approach you take on and we are here to help. 

Please note: The Spelling Success in Action 2 Training Course will be available from Mid January 2024

Program Pricing

All prices are exclusive of GST and include postage within Australia


Teacher Starter Pack


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1 x 270pg. teacher guide

1 x student workbook that includes weekly assessment

1 x student reader A

1 x student reader B

1 x student reader C

1 x set of morphology cards

Complementary access to the online Spelling Success in Action Course

A printed workbook to use alongside the course

Full Classroom Pack


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1 x 270 pg teacher guide

26 student workbooks including weekly assessment

13 student readers (Number of each text to be confirmed on ordering)

1 x set of morphology cards

Complementary access to the online Spelling Success in Action Training Course for one participant

A printed workbook to use alongside the course


Replacement / Single items

Teacher Guide


Spelling Success in Action 2 - Teacher Guide - PART A (2)


Pack of 5 Student Workbooks


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Please note. These books are not black line master books. Copying is prohibited. 

A4 Morphology Cards


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Pack of 5 Student Reader A


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Pack of 5 Student Reader B


Spelling Success Reader B (9)

Pack of 5 Student Reader C


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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people frequently ask us:

What grades is Spelling Success in Action 2 suitable for?

While Spelling Success in Action 2 has been written with Years 3-4 in mind, it can be used in any grade across Year 3-7.  Download the brochure to find full curriculum alignment.

How long do lessons take?

Spelling Success in Action 2 lessons last for approximately 20 minutes per day. Each unit lasts for 4 days. 

How long do workbooks last?

Each student workbook lasts for 2 years of instruction making this a cost effective option for schools. 

How does Spelling Success in Action Support Differentiation?

As morphology instruction is grounded in language, all students can participate in learning the core concepts. Materials have been designed to provide teachers with the tools they need to challenge each student in a way that supports them.  The program includes differentiated word lists and stepped readers to support a range of learners. 

What content does the program teach?

Spelling Success in Action covers prefixes and suffixes. This knowledge is then applied to spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and parts of speech to provide a full learning experience for students. 

Is there a scope and sequence?

While there are suggestions for content that enables teachers to work from simple to complex concepts and a suggested order of teaching, the order in which units are taught is ultimately at the discretion of schools. Knowledge of language is unconstrained, meaning that we will continue to learn it for our whole lives.  It is not necessary to teach units in a set order as we do with phonics.  

How can we connect morphology instruction with other curriculum areas?

While instruction for its own sake will yield strong results, it is suggested that teachers take advantage of the logical connections that exist between curriculum areas.  Teachers have the opportunity to examine the vocabulary lists of learning across the curriculum, including text based units, and teach the content that aligns. This provides students with deeper learning across the board. 

Is there an online component to this program?

Spelling Success in Action is designed to get great results using the physical resources only, however Resource Room members have access to introductory presentations and additional printable resources. 

Is Spelling Success in Action Evidence Informed?

Yes.  Findings from intervention studies and wider morphology instruction research have been used to inform the content and structure of this program. Download the brochure to find a summary of research links. 

Does Spelling Success in Action teach spelling rules?

Spelling Success in Action 2 focuses on morphology, however information about spelling rule/conventions is included for the teacher in each unit.  We recommend using the lessons inside Reading Success in Action 3 as 'catch up' work for phonics and foundational spelling rules in the Upper Primary and secondary grades. 

Can we use Spelling Success in Action without the student workbooks?

Teachers who have a Resource Room membership will find printable word strips and word spokes for students to glue into books, however the full workbook pages and assessment are only found in the hard copy student workbooks. 

How many units are taught per term

The program has been designed with 8 units per term in mind. This allows teachers to use every 5th week as a consolidation week.

Does Spelling Success in Action teach in low variance routines?

Yes. Each unit follows the same structure giving students the safety and security of knowing what is to come. However any strength overused can become a weakness. As such, it is suggested that every 5th week of instruction is treated as a consolidation week with hands on work and practical application of new learning. This might include word inquiry delving deeper into etymology, writing reader's theatre scripts featuring words from the preceding four weeks or reviewing the texts. Suggestion for creating a balance between low variance instruction and hands on application are included in the teacher guide.

When is Spelling Success in Action 3 coming out?

Spelling Success in Action 3 is due for release mid 2024 and will cover Latin Bases and Greek combining forms. 

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Classroom Teacher
All students are engaged
“My students needing extra support are all engaged and my more advanced students are loving it. Thank you!”
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Classroom Teaching Team
There is no more guessing
“We are seeing our students becoming more confident in reading and spelling longer words. They aren’t guessing any more.”
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Classroom Teacher
Our students are making connections
“Our students can now see connections between what they are learning in English and the rest of the curriculum. When we read texts in Science and History, they recognise the morphemes and can work out the meaning of words that they haven’t seen before.”
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Classroom Teacher
Student writing is improving
Our students are using 'bigger' words in their writing now because they aren't afraid to have a go at spelling them.
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Classroom Teacher
It's so easy
Everything is so simple to teach and preparation and planning takes no time at all!