Build the Foundations for Your Literacy Block in Years 3-6 - Teach Along Course

Online, live Teach Along Course

Date:  Begins August 1st, 2024

Location: online

Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm each week for five weeks

Price: $349 (plus gst)

Early years teachers have been on a journey towards structured literacy for several years now.  Many schools have seen significant growth in student literacy outcomes by shifting to explicit, structured teaching of reading and writing.  However, upper primary teachers (Years 3-6) have not had the same support to make this shift.  It is time for that to change. 

'Build Foundations for Your Literacy Block in Years 3-6' is a live, online course designed to equip teachers with introductory yet critical knowledge about how our language works and some simple instructional routines that you can use in your classroom the very next day. 

This Teach Along: 

Week 1 - Word Level Foundations
Language learning begins with phonemes and graphemes. While phonics is not a major focus of instruction in most Year 3-6 classes, most classes have students with wobbly phonics knowledge. This module will cover the foundations that upper primary teachers need to support their students. 

Week 2 - How Words Work
Build your understanding of other lenses through which we view words including morphology and etymology. Learn a simple routine for spelling instruction

Week 3 - Building Strong Sentences
Consolidate your understanding of key concepts about sentence structure (syntax)

Week 4 - Low variance sentence instruction. Cognitive load. 
Learn a routine for daily, low-variance syntax instruction to help your students gain control of their writing. Refine your knowledge of how human memory works and the necessary conditions for long-term learning. 

Week 5 - Comprehension and Text-Level reading
Grow your understanding of how to teach and assess comprehension through rich texts. Experience a whole class text-level reading lesson that you can take away and apply across the curriculum.

Never again do you have to feel lost answering the questions: 

- What's the difference between phonology, orthography, morphology and etymology (or knowing how to put that knowledge into practice) 
- Why is (insert word here) spelled this way? 
- How can I help my students learn to read and spell unknown words? 
- What's the plan to help struggling students learn to read and spell at word level? 
- What's the difference between a compound and complex sentence? 
- How can I improve my students' writing? 
- What's an embedded clause? 
- What the difference between a clause and a phrase? 
- How do I teach syntax without feeling overwhelmed? 
- How do I teach comprehension so that it works? 
- How can I integrate reading and writing in my literacy block? 

Live session covers (13)

Imagine how it would feel to be more confident in teaching about sentence structure, about how words work, and to know how to equip your students with knowledge so that they can tackle text-level reading and writing at a deeper level.

But we know that 'one and done' is rarely effective, so your ticket price to this workshop includes 12 month's access to our professional learning membership, The Evergreen Teacher, where you will find a range of courses to further your knowledge and have access to monthly live group coaching to help you nut-out those tricky questions that inevitably arise as you teach.  You will also receive our language and lesson reference pack containing reference cards and lesson outlines so that you always have the information you need right at your fingertips. 

Live session covers (14)