Spelling and Reading Success in Action Bundle

Support your students across the primary school to build their phonics and morphology knowledge with this 4 book bundle. 

Reading Success in Action 1 - Basic code 
Reading Success in Action 2 - Complex code
Reading Success in Action 3 - Alternate spelling
Spelling Success in Action 1 - Getting started with morphology

Reading Success in Action

The Reading Success in Action series provides you with all that you need to get your students reading and spelling using phonics.  You'll find assessment, lesson outlines, alignment to a range of decodable texts series, printable partner practice booklets and decodable sentences to support your teaching. 

All Books Contain 

- Easy to follow lesson plans containing instructions, teacher background knowledge, word lists and differentiated decodable sentences. Word lists and sentences enable you to reteach lessons as needed without repeating words.   Lessons also contain recommendations of irregular high frequency words mapped to the decodable texts included in the sequence. 

Reading Success in Action - Decoding 2 (1) - Lesson page

Check-in points prompt formative assessment and reteaching as needed. 

Reading Success in Action - Decoding 2 (1) check-in lesson 6

 - Each 'set' of graphemes has a page aligning decodable texts from different series (include free resources) with that place in the sequence so that you can have absolute confidence that your students won't be led into the 'guessing zone' while reading.    This differentiation means that you can support all students with the texts most appropriate for their stage of learning. 

Reading Success in Action - Decoding 2 (1) - decodables 

- Instructions for teaching the lessons include QR codes with links to videos explaining each step of the process - pronouncing the sounds, preparing to teach, teaching phoneme/grapheme correspondence, teaching decoding and encoding (reading and spelling), teaching irregular high frequency words, using decodable texts. 

- The Reading Success in Action resource contains a reproducible partner practice booklet containing graphemes, words and sentences. 

  Partner PracticePartner Practice example

Partner Practice Pic

  - And an informal assessment and class tracking sheet to monitor progress

Assessment pic

The Reading Success in Action Lesson Sequence resources are for you if: 

- You are feeling overwhelmed by the task of teaching phonics and decoding
- You are a teaching assistant working with individuals or small groups
- You are looking for a simple way to move towards a structured approach to teaching literacy
- You are a teacher looking for a way to upskill your paraprofessional colleague
- You are a school leader searching for a simple, inexpensive tool to reduce your teachers' cognitive load

Spelling Success in Action 

For most teachers, morphology and 'language' based teaching can be daunting. When you haven't learned concepts in your own schooling or your pre-service education, teaching them to students can be a scary proposition.  Spelling Success in Action gives you all the knowledge you need to understand the basics of morphology and spelling and teach with confidence.

When you work with us, you know that you are working with people who understand just how complex it can be to respond to student needs alongside all of the demands of school. We seek to keep things simple for both you and your students. As such as provide you with: 

  • QR codes that take you straight to videos of Jocelyn explaining how to use the book 
  • Live In-school training and classroom modelling available (that you get to record and keep on-site)
  • Recorded training through the Evergreen Teacher membership
  • Planning templates
  • Instructional decision making outlines to help you 'hit the spot' and meet students where they are up to
  • Differentiated word lists help you match words to students' current level of phonics knowledge
  • Ongoing support through our Facebook group, On the Structured Literacy Bus
  • Optional in-school training, modelling and coaching to help your team reach a range of learners right across the school. 

Spelling Success in Action 1 + Reading Success in Action 1,2,3 Promo