Reading Success in the Early Primary Years Book

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Reading Success in the Early Primary Years is a step-by-step guide to structured literacy instruction for teachers working in the early years of primary school. Written by a teacher, for teachers, this book supports teachers to understand the evidence base of reading instruction and how to successfully implement it.

Structured in three parts, the book breaks down complex concepts in a concise, accessible manner, guiding teachers on eight key actions to take to get every child on the path to reading proficiency. These include instruction in phonics, phonological and phonemic awareness, integrated reading and spelling opportunities, and the use of decodable texts. Highly practical, Reading Success in the Early Primary Years offers over 20 explicit instructional routines that teachers can implement in their classrooms and guidance on how to get the most out of instructional time. These practical elements are further supported by a summary of relevant research and theories about how reading develops, including an outline of high impact, explicit teaching that draws on cognitive load theory.

Rich with sample lesson plans, tools, and examples from real classrooms, this book allows teachers to get on with the business of teaching reading. This is a must-have resource for all who are responsible for children’s reading instruction in the first three years of school.

Table of Contents


Part I: Setting up for Success 
1. The Theoretical Underpinnings of the Big Six
2. What to Teach
3. Bang for Your Buck Teaching
4. Differentiation and Supporting Students with Reading Difficulty 

Part II: The 8 Key Actions 
5. 8 Key Actions One, Two, Three, and Four
6. Key Actions Five, Six, Seven, and Eight 

Part III: Structured Literacy Practices 
7. High Impact Teaching
8. Organising the Literacy Block
9. Oral Language and Vocabulary
10. Phonological and Phonemic Awareness
11. Phonics
12. Using Decodable Texts
13. Irregular High Frequency Words
14. Text Level Reading
15. Skills-Based Assessment

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Reading Success in the Early Primary Years by Jocelyn Seamer