Reading Success in Action - Decoding 2

Teaching the Complex Code

When making the shift to a systematic, explicit approach to teaching reading, it can be challenging to know how to arrange content in a way that supports the learning of every child in your class.  The Reading Success in Action Lesson 2 sequence is designed to take the guess work out of making instructional decisions in teaching the first half of the complex code.  Don't spend hours agonizing over what, when and how to teach decoding.  Follow the sequence and give your mental energy to supporting the students in your care. 


- 75 pages of content

- Follows the sequence of  ay, ee, igh, oa, oo (as in zoo), or, oy, ar, oo (look), er, ou, are, ow, oi, ir, a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e, ea, ai, ie, aw, ur, ear, le.  The sequence has been chosen to reflect the most common grapheme representations as well as separating graphemes that represent the same phonemes. This conservative arrangement supports the cognitive load of students who are vulnerable to cognitive overload and confusion. 

- Easy to follow lesson plans contain instructions, teacher background knowledge, word lists and differentiated decodable sentences. Three word lists and sentences enable you to reteach lessons as needed without repeating words.   Lesson also contain recommendations of irregular high frequency words mapped to the decodable texts included in the sequence. 

Reading Success in Action - Decoding 2 (1) - Lesson page

Each Set of graphemes has a consolidation/check-in lesson with words and sentences that contain the graphemes from the set. 

Reading Success in Action - Decoding 2 (1) check-in lesson


 - Each 'set' of graphemes has a page aligning decodable texts from different series (include free resources) with that place in the sequence so that you can have absolute confidence that your students won't be led into the 'guessing zone' while reading.   Books in the 'one puzzle piece' box contain only graphemes and high frequency words you have already taught. Books in the 'two puzzle box' contain one or two unseen words or graphemes that most children will have no difficulty if you review them before reading.  Books in the 'three puzzle piece' box are longer and contain more complex sentences and words.  This differentiation means that you can support your most vulnerable readers while beginning to extend your mainstream students into 'mostly decodable' texts. 

Reading Success in Action - Decoding 2 (1) - decodables

- Instructions for teaching the lessons include QR codes with links to videos explaining each step of the process - pronouncing the sounds, preparing to teach, teaching phoneme/grapheme correspondence, teaching decoding and encoding (reading and spelling), teaching irregular high frequency words, using decodable texts. 

- The Reading Success in Action resource contains a reproducible partner practice booklet containing graphemes, words and sentences. 

Partner Practice example

  - And an informal assessment and class tracking sheet to monitor progress

Assessment pic

The Reading Success in Action - Decoding 2 Lesson Sequence resource is for you if: 

- You are feeling overwhelmed by the task of teaching phonics and decoding
- You are a teaching assistant working with individuals or small groups
- You are looking for a simple way to move towards a structured approach to teaching literacy
- You are a teacher looking for a way to upskill your paraprofessional colleague
- You are a school leader searching for a simple, inexpensive tool to reduce your teachers' cognitive load

If you have any questions about this resource, please get in touch! 

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