Done for you Phonics PowerPoints

The Basic Code

Phonics Teaching PowerPoints for the ‘simple code’ (alphabet sounds and most common digraphs). Don’t spend hours creating your own PowerPoints. I have done the hard work for you!

What you’ll get

  • 8 x ‘done for you’ PowerPoints that include daily review, blending and segmenting for a complete teaching resource.
  • The progression of the PowerPoints follows the Letters and Sounds approach to match with your school’s existing programming requirements.
  • Font in the PowerPoints is NSW Foundation Script. 
  • An additional editable template is included to enable you to create your own resources.


Each PowerPoint includes phoneme/grapheme correspondence, word level reading, word level spelling and review in every lesson. 

PowerPoint Sample

And partner work printouts to promote multiple exposures in every lesson. 

Find a grapheme

Individual and class learning records help you track student learning and conduct data conversations with students. 


Individual Learning RecordLearning Journey Poster