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Over the past couple of months, you may have heard me talking about my new venture, The Resource Room. I am so excited to bring this membership into the world and share it with you. 

What is it? 
The Resource Room is a membership site for primary school teachers accessed through a monthly subscription.  

What’s in it? 
The Resource Room provides you with teaching resources for structured literacy across the whole primary school. For too long, upper primary teachers have been neglected in structured literacy resource development and professional learning. I am so pleased that the Resource Room can help remedy that. Inside, you will find: 

  • All of the nuts-and-bolts things you need to teach phonics and decoding, regardless of age. This includes digital access to all three of my Reading Success in Action books for on-screen viewing, as well as a range of teaching presentations and printable resources. 

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  • Teaching presentations and printable resources for morphology, syntax and parts of speech linked to the Australian curriculum grade level expectations

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  • Fully written text-based units based on both picture books and longer texts. Longer texts are provided in PDF format so that you can give each student a copy of the text and increase how much time they spend actually reading. All units contain background knowledge building non-fiction texts, vocabulary lessons, opportunities for comprehension, writing and exploration of a range of concepts related to each grade. Units have been written to respond to Version 9 of the Australian Curriculum (state level alignment is coming soon). 

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  • Knowledge library clips (that will be continually added over time) to help you build your professional understanding around structured literacy

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  • Regular, online get togethers for us to share practice, ask questions and support each other. 
  • Two in-built teach alongs each year. These 4-5 week programs will be recorded and saved so that members can visit and revisit any time they like. 

The ultimate goal of the Resource Room is to make structured literacy accessible and affordable for every teacher everywhere. 

The Resource Room

To this end, you can join the Resource Room and access ALL resources and professional learning experiences for $15 (AUD) per month. That’s $3.50 per week to have your English planning done for you in a way that reflects the principles and practices of structured literacy. 

What people are saying
For the past 8 weeks, a group of 50 founding members have been exploring the Resource Room. Here’s what some of them have said. 

“I have checked out the site and have already started using one of your resources for the Jetty Jumping text. I love it and not only feel supported by the availability of the resources but also feel like an absolute pro without having spent my weekend preparing something half as good. I actually don’t know how you do it!”

"I think it's that dream place, that for years I have been saying to teacher friends, "If only there was a website where you could access resources that are Australian curriculum based and fit in with what and how you want to teach."

If the Resource Room sounds like a good idea to you, click here to read more and sign up. You can access a $2, 7 day trial and cancel any time. 



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