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We all know that keeping up with the latest news and building our knowledge of structured literacy can be a difficult undertaking.  In an effort to serve  teachers on the bus even better, we have put together The Guided Tour. When you join the tour, you'll receive a daily snippet of information, hints, tips and guidance to help you grow your practice without overloading your brain, straight to your inbox. 

Don't worry. You can leave and re-join the tour any time! 


A chance for you to ask any questions that you might have related to literacy instruction. These questions will be compiled and used to guide us in creating posts and serving teachers. We'll also let you know what's coming up in the week.


Each week we release a new YouTube video containing a Tuesday Tip, a short section of a masterclass recording, or other helpful content.  These clips are short and designed to help you refine and develop your practice.


One of the challenges of being a classroom teacher trying to upskill continually is that it's REALLY tough to find the headspace to read things and digest them.  To help you out, I will summarise key information from an exciting book or resource.  We will cover a new book/idea every month with one snippet each week.


Keep up with what's happening at Jocelyn Seamer Education.


Each Friday, you will receive a link to the latest blog post to read at a time that works for you. We have committed to not giving you things to do on the weekends so you can enjoy your family, friends and your knitting (maybe the knitting is just me).