The Evergreen Teacher

Professional Learning and Development. Your Team. Your Time. Your Way.

We all know that building a knowledgeable, skilled staff is a long term undertaking and that it is difficult to experience real growth through one-off professional learning opportunities.  The Evergreen Teacher is designed to help you support your team over time as they learn and grow together. 

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Use the Evergreen Teacher as:

  • Focus for your professional learning communities across the primary school
  • Content for your regular, inhouse professional learning sessions
  • A way to upskill your existing and aspiring leaders
  • A ready-made resource to onboard new staff without costly training and days out of school
  • An opportunity to upskill classroom assistants 
  • A simple way to meet every staff member where they are up to
  • A tool to ensure consistency in the knowledge your teachers have about structured literacy
  • A way to structure professional development goal setting and coaching in your school
  • Support for your strategic planning efforts

What you'll find in the Evergreen Teacher

For less than the cost of two day's education consultant's fees, you and your staff can have access to a full year of the Evergreen Teacher 

Every staff member gets a login

From classroom assistants to the Principal, every member of staff will have access to professional learning and development resources 365 days per year. 

Build Knowledge

The Evergreen Teacher contains short clips and on-demand courses about all areas of structured literacy for teachers and classroom assistants working across the school.

Literature Bites

Summaries, blog posts and short readings to help your staff connect with research and best practice in a sustainable and accessible way. 

Recordings of Masterminds

Classroom staff and leaders will have access to specialised monthly live mastermind sessions that will be recorded and accessible to members. 

Professional Learning Documents and Tools

Find exactly what you are looking for to help your staff set goals, reflect on their experiences and grow in their practice. 

Access to live Teach Alongs

Live learning opportunities can be valuable opportunities for growth.  Every staff member will have access to two new Teach Alongs each year that can be accessed live or as recordings. 

The Evergreen Teacher will provide you with tools, support and guidance as you help your team to create strong, sustainable practices using The Teaching Success Framework.