You will learn three strategies to move away from inconsistent results to teaching that hits the mark every time.

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In this Masterclass you'll learn:

Simple ways to maximise instructional time:  It isn't enough for students to experience something once.  Successful learning relies on repetition, error correction and consolidation.  In this masterclass, you will the secrets to repeated practice that is both effective and engaging for your early years students. 


Take advantage of the power of reciprocity. It is easy to get caught in the trap separating out reading focus and experiences. We see this when we have a phonics lesson and then a separate spelling lesson.  I will show you how to harness the power of reciprocity through integrated lessons and get even bigger bang for your buck in your early years reading instruction. 

Create alignment in your reading instruction.  One of the keys to maximising the effect of your approach is to create alignment across your instructional resources and routines.  Disjointed, separated focus and resources makes it harder for students to learn. This masterclass will share an illustration of practice and a simple tool to help you create a seamless, effective approach to reading instruction in your school or classroom. 


It is possible refine what you are already doing to get great reading results. 

It can sometimes feel like we have to throw out everything we have ever done in order to create a classroom program that aligns with the evidence around systematic reading instruction.  However, it is often the case that with some tweaks and refinements, we can make our teaching more systematic and effective than every before. 


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I have worked in schools of a range of contexts and know exactly what it's like to worry that you are missing the mark in reading instruction. I also know the absolute pleasure and excitement of seeing systematic instruction coming to together so that all children can learn. I can't wait to bring you some of the strategies that research tells us are critical for learning to read and show you what they look like in real life. 

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