Choose Your Stream

While the Reading Success Teach Along is open to Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 teachers, there are two streams of access: 

1) First Year of School (Foundation) 

2) Year 1 and 2

To help participants get the most from participating in the Teach Along, each stream will cover content that is specific to those grades to provide the most direct path to implementing and refining systematic reading instruction. 

To enable teams of teachers and education assistants to work together in their Early Years professional learning communities, content topics are consistent across the two streams each week, however the specific details are applicable to the expected teaching and learning experiences of the stream. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I teach Foundation/Yr 1?

Teachers and assistants working with a foundation/year 1 multi-age class are encouraged to participate in the foundation stream. All instructional routines are applicable for all grades. It is easier to extend the content 'upwards' than 'downwards'.

Can I book into both streams?

To protect your cognitive load and support you to complete the Teach Along you will only be able to access one stream at a time. If you are a school leader wishing to participate in both streams, please contact me directly. 

I work with upper primary. Is this suitable for me?

While there is some content about comprehension and morphology, the major focus of the Year 1&2 stream is supporting students who are yet to achieve the 90 wpm milestone in their reading and knowledge of the complex alphabetic code. If you have students who are working towards these milestones, then the Year 1/2 stream will be a great fit for you. 

I have already completed Reading Success in the First Year of School. What if I want to book into the Year 1/2 stream now?

If you have already completed Reading Success in the First Year of School and wish to participate in the Year 1/2 stream, please contact me directly for a separate, discounted booking link. 

I want to book into the Foundation Stream I want to book into the Year 1 & 2 Stream