Phonological and Phonemic Awareness 


Test your knowledge of phonological and phonemic awareness with the quiz below!  Read through the question, decide on each answer and then enter your email address to access the answers. 

Q1. Blending is a ____________ skill

a) phonological 
b) phonics
c) phonemic
d) phonetic

Q2. Blending and segmenting should only ever be done with graphemes

a) true
b) false

Q3. Phonemic awareness refers to 

a) blending and segmenting words
b) identifying the first, last and middle sound of a word
c) adding, deleting and substituting sounds in words
d) all of the above

Q4. Phonemes are:  

a) the smallest unit of meaning in words
b) the letters or letter combinations that make up words
c) the order in which words are put together in sentences
d) the smaller unit of sounds in words

Q5. Difficulty acquiring phonological and phonemic skills is an important predictor of future reading challenges.  

a) true
b) false

Q6. How many phonemes are in the word fox?  

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Q7. Blending is related to reading the way that segmenting is related to   

a) decoding
b) creating meaning
c) spelling
d) fluency

Q8. A teacher asking the class to 'chop' syllables in words is an example of a

a) phonological task
b) phonemic task
c) listening task
d) decoding task

Q9. Dyslexia is most often caused by

a) a visual disturbance (needing coloured glasses) 
b) not being able to comprehend language 
c) a challenge with tracking words on the page
d) a phonological challenge

Q10. How many phonemes are there in Standard Australian English? 

a) 26
b) 44
c) 32
d) 150