Do you have a quiet (or extremely loud) voice in your head saying that the way we teach writing in the early years of school doesn't really make sense?  You aren't alone! In this brand new, FREE Masterclass I will outline the components of a systematic writing approach and share simple, actionable strategies that you can implement in your classroom the very next day.  

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In this Masterclass you'll learn:

What the components of a comprehensive writing program are:   In reading instruction we have 'the big 6' and 'the reading rope' to outline for us what we need to teach. But what about for writing? In this Masterclass you will walk away with a clear picture of what you need to cover in your writing program and learn about the connections between reading and writing that simplify your program. 


How to use beautiful picture books as the basis for writing instruction. Picture books contain language that is far richer than our everyday speech and, as such, provide a wonderful model for oral language and writing development. Many teachers use picture books for this work, but perhaps aren't getting real 'bang for their buck' for their students.  I will share a comprehensive list of the skills and knowledge that can be developed through the study of picture books and demonstrate how to conduct a full engagement lesson to get every child putting pen to paper.  

How to include sentence level transcription in your daily routines. We know that sentence level understanding and skills are the key to sound writing foundations.  It is great to have a 'unit of work' for this purpose, however repeatable, instructional routines that engage all students are also a vital part of your approach. In this masterclass, I will demonstrate and share a routine that you can implement to build sentence level skills for every child in a way that helps you overcome the overwhelm of supporting students with a range of levels in your class. 

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Access the Masterclass Replay Here

You CAN get children writing well in the early years! 

The first three years of school are a crucial time to help children build solid writing skills.  Getting every child on track in writing is achieved when we systematically and intentionally teach skills of both composition AND transcription. This Masterclass will give you an outline of the components of both of these areas of writing instruction and some ideas and routines to bring these to life in your classroom. 

This free Masterclass is a must attend if: 

  • You teach or support the early years of school (foundation, year 1 or year 2) 
  • You have been teaching for a while and are seeking a better way to teach writing
  • You would like to know how to get EVERY child in your class on the path to writing proficiency
  • You are unsure of where to turn for reliable information about writing instruction

I want you to gain enormous value from your time with me in the Masterclass. To make that happen, I am focusing on providing the most practical information that I can pack into a 60 minute time slot! The Masterclass includes live demonstration of instructional routines that you can use in your classroom the very next day and photos of real life student work so that you can see what students experience in the lesson.  To help you to get the most out of the Masterclass I have also created a participant workbook so that you can walk away from your time with me with a practical resource that can be an asset to your teaching life. 

Beyond Genre - Participant Workbook
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I have worked in many multi-age classrooms, trying to get every child reading and writing. I know exactly what it feels like to worry about 'not doing enough' when your class has students from those who can barely write a sentence through to those who can bust out a complete piece of text.  Through trial and error and a focus on inclusive practice, I have landed on strategies that help the needs of all students to bet met. I'd love to share them with you!

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