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Teachers often say:

"Jocelyn I wish I knew all of this powerful information years ago. There were so many struggling readers I could have helped."

We all remember the kids we have left behind.

This 6 module online course will give you clear actionable strategies that you can use immediately to improve your reading instruction. I want you to go home every day feeling awesome because YOU have made a difference to the students in your class and because every single child is making reading progress.

Wouldn’t that feel amazing?


Before I tell you more about this on-demand course, let me tell you who it's for

Whether you’re

  • Working with primary aged or secondary students
  • A classroom teacher wanting to overcome the doubt about supporting the children who clearly need help
  • A teaching assistant or education assistant feeling unsure about how to support the students you work with
  • A school leader looking for direction to better support struggling students and teachers in your school
  • A curriculum coach supporting teachers in their classroom work who would love some practical tips to share

You are in the right place! 

By the End of this Course You Will Have: 

  • Confidence that you can move your teaching practice even closer to the evidence base
  • The certainty that you know enough about the alphabetic code to lead students in the right direction
  • A simple way to identify students who may have a reading difficulty and be able to put together a plan to support them
  • And understanding of the causes of reading difficulty 
  • The knowledge to make adjustments to your classroom environment and program to support students with hearing loss and attention difficulties
  • An assessment tool for phonological and phonemic awareness and the clarity that comes with examining your whole class data
  • A clear idea of what cognitive load theory is and how to support the cognitive load of every student in your care
  • An assessment tool for phonics that helps you plan next steps with confidence
  • Scripts and resources to teach phonics and phonological and phonemic awareness at a class, small group and individual level so that you can focus on your students
Jocelyn Seamer
D.I. - Education Assistant

“Thank you Jocelyn for your well delivered course 'Supporting Struggling Readers'. I had a lot of 'Aha' moments and now have a better understanding of why we deliver our lessons the way we do. I am an Education Assistant and have been implementing an intervention program for the past 3 years. Your course will help me to support and implement explicit teaching with these students with more confidence.”

Education Assistant

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Looking to book through your school?  Email me at www.jocelynseamereducation.com 

What's Inside

Module 1

The Science of Reading 

It all starts with an understanding of what the evidence from decades of research tells us about children learn to read.  

This module walks you through: 

- The fundamentals of explicit teaching
- The simple view of reading
- The big 6 of reading instruction
- How the alphabetic code works

Module 2
The Potential Causes of Reading Difficulty, Response to Intervention

Module 2 helps you to know what reading behaviours might point to a reading difficulty and what the response to intervention model means. 

This module teaches you about: 

-The signs of a reading difficulty 
- The reasons why children struggle to learn to read
-How to support students with hearing loss and attention challenges
-The response to intervention model 

Module 3

Cognitive Load and Memory

Module three is where we begin to examine our role in designing instruction that supports every child in our class to learn well. 

Module 3 dives right into: 

- What cognitive load theory is
- Instructional design to support cognitive load
-Managing Intrinsic load
-Minimising extraneous load
-Maximising generative load

Module 4

Assessment and Data Driven Plans

Quality assessment provides us with the information we need to track student growth and provide instruction that meets student needs.   Module 4 provide you with: 

- Information about the principles of quality assessment
- A tool to assess phonological and phonemic awareness and guidance on administering this
- A tool to assess phonics
- A step by step approach to creating data driven plans that are specific and effective. 


Module 5

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

Phonological and phonemic awareness (PA) is the first of the big 5 components of evidence-based reading instruction.  It is also one of the biggest predictors of reading success and failure.  The development of PA skills are critical in supporting children to develop strong reading and spelling skills. Without the ability to blend and segment, children cannot sound out words either to read them or write them down.


Module 5 covers: 

- The fundamentals of phonological and phonemic awareness
- How to teach phonological and phonemic awareness in Tier 1 teaching
- How to teach phonological and phonemic awareness in Tier 2 support

Module 6

Phonics and Text Level Reading

Most children who struggle with reading require support to learn the alphabetic code.  While phonics is only one part of your whole literacy program it is critical that you help children develop proficiency in phoneme grapheme correspondence to help them lift the words from the page

This module takes you step by step through:

- Teaching phoneme grapheme correspondence
- Teaching blending and segmenting with graphemes
-Understanding fluency and comprehension development
- Where reading fits within the response to intervention framework 

Jocelyn Seamer
T.C. - Classroom Teacher

“Thank you, Jocelyn, for this very well structured series. I have gained a lot of immensely valuable insight and knowledge. I will be revisiting the course to help me, especially as I have moved from upper primary to Year 2 this year!”

Classroom Teacher

Enrol in the Supporting Struggling Readers Course Today

One time payment of

$99.00 +GST

How the Course Works

When you join one of my courses you receive a resource for the long term.  The content of the Supporting Struggling Readers Teach Along is yours to keep through a lifetime access provision. 

(Should I cease to provide this training, you will be given notice to save as much of the course as you would like) 

As this is an on-demand course you will receive access to all 6 modules when you sign up.  You can work your way through the program at a pace that works for you and can revisit any modules whenever you would like. 


Each module comes with downloads and resources that are yours to keep as you implement what you learn in this course. 

You can also connect with others as you learn through the Supporting Struggling Readers Forum available to you through the course.

Jocelyn Seamer
F.G. - Classroom Teacher

“Thank you, for a well developed PD session on how to teach phonics and reading effectively based on current research. Loved the step by step process and visual explanations with videos, sing a longs, charts etc as some of us are visual learners.

I've taken many notes over the duration of the course and feel better about teaching students that are in my care.

Thank you! ”

Classroom Teacher


Listening for Medial Vowels

Bonus #1 – Included when you enrol

(Valued at $29)

This 26 page PDF e-book contains printables and instructions for 8 games suitable for one on one and small group instruction. 


Bonus #2 – Included when you enrol

Access to my exclusive Facebook Group, Teach Alongs Connected.  This group is only available to people who have signed up for a Teach Along.  Continue to learn from others and connect with former participants of the Supporting Struggling Readers course.

Enrol in the Supporting Struggling Readers Course Today

One time payment of

$99.00 +GST

Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Questions That Others Have Asked About Participating in Course with me:

I have small children. What if I can’t keep up with the program?

There is no keeping up and no falling behind.  My courses are designed to allow you to access the materials in your time and your own pace.

There seems to be a lot of information. Are you sure I can manage it all?

Of course! If you are hungry to be a better teacher and are committed to getting results for every student, then you will be just fine. Remember, you have lifetime access to the course materials so you can take it one little bit at a time.   You don’t need to implement everything all at once.

Do I need tech skills to participate?

If you can access your email you have the necessary skills to participate. The Simplero Site where the course ‘lives’ is as easy to use as clicking a button. If you have any technical difficulties, just get in touch. You aren’t on your own!

When I join up, will I get immediate access to all the modules?

Yes, as this is a self-paced course you will have access to all modules as soon as you book. 

I am an early career/mid-career/experienced teacher. Is this course for me?

Yes!  Whether you are an early career or experienced teacher there are things to learn from this course.  For newer teachers, I will provide you with easy to use lesson templates and resources so that you can focus on teaching your students instead of trying to figure everything else for yourself.   For more experienced teachers, you will have the opportunity to revisit many aspects of teaching practice and refine your skills.

I am an education assistant. Can I participate?

Definitely!  My courses are delivered in everyday language in a step by step way. You will absolutely get value from participating. 

IMG20201207114747 (2)

I am super excited to help you learn more about supporting your struggling readers. 

Learning about the science of reading and how to implement it has literally changed the lives of the children in my classrooms, particularly those who are at risk in some way. Changing and refining practice is about more than system data. It is about giving children the ultimate strong start to their lives. 

Every single classroom has students who struggle to learn to read.  Becoming better informed about how to help them means that you can approach instruction with confidence. 

If you choose to accept my invitation to grow in your practice and commit to participating fully, I guarantee that the 6 modules of Supporting Struggling Readers Teach Along will provide you with information and strategies to support the vulnerable students in your care. 

I look forward to meeting you inside this on-demand course!

Take care,


You should give Supporting Struggling Readers a chance if you are motivated by any of the following:

  • You have a feeling that there are better ways to help your children build strong reading foundations but are not entirely confident about what they are.

  • You have a burning desire to reach EVERY child in your class. Not just some.

  • You have felt guilty about the students in your class who just didn't grow in their reading skills.  

  • Your role is to support struggling students but you feel that you would like more information about doing so. 

Enrol in the Supporting Struggling Readers Teach Along Today

One time payment of

$99.00 +GST

If you would like to learn more about what it's like to participate in this course, you can download a sample lesson (there are 22 of them in the course!)