Copy of 2021

In this 10 week Teach Along you will move from stuck to successful as you support your lower primary students along the path to proficient and fluent writing.


Who This Teach Along is For

This Teach Along is for those who: 

  • Are looking for a systematic way to teach writing
  • Teach students in foundation, year 1 and year 2
  • Lead teams or support teachers in the early primary years
  • Have a small voice in their heads saying, 'The way we teach writing just doesn't make sense'
  • Wish to find alignment between their reading and writing approaches
  • Wish to support every child to succeed
Components of writing 1

- Instructional Routines to support automatic transcription skills. 

- Instructional Routines to build composition skills

- Designing a unit of work based in a rich picture book that teaches language development, comprehension, vocabulary development, text structure, sentence structure, grammar and supports writing while covering the Australian curriculum at exactly the right level.