Learn about the three biggest mistakes that Foundation teachers make when teaching reading. Trust me, I've been there and made every single one of these mistakes. I want to help you avoid them and get great results from your students right out of the gate! 

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In this Masterclass you'll learn:

How to help children build a strong sight vocabulary.  Ever worked with students on their sight vocabulary week after week, only to have them forget the very words you have been teaching?  I am going to fill you in on the secrets to get every child on the path to fluent reading. 

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How to focus student attention and work with the children in your class to ensure that their memory and cognitive load is supported.  Every child can learn when we set them up for success.  In this Masterclass you will learn evidence based strategies to make learning stick for all students in your class. 

How to move away from 'hit and hope' teaching. As teachers, we spend time away from our families and friends preparing things that we aren't exactly sure will really lead to learning.   Learn exactly what to do to get children learning sounds and reading words in a way that applies the science of reading without worksheets, hours of laminating or tears. 

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Join me in this Free Master Class

You CAN make a real difference

The Foundation year is critical in setting a child up for success for the rest of their lives.  The Foundation year is the year in which we can get children on the path to proficient reading (or not).  So many children leave the Foundation year without the fundamental skills to move into Year 1 and be successful.  Despite a wealth of evidence, teachers are still not taught about the Science of Reading or how to teach according to the evidence base. I am committed to sharing all that I have learned as a teacher, private tutor and school leader with as many teachers as possible so that, together, we can end reading failure.
I hope you will join me. 

This Masterclass is a must attend if: 

  • You are an early career Foundation Teacher
  • You have been teaching for a while but are new to Foundation teaching. 
  • You are an experienced teacher who knows that there is something missing from your program, but you aren't quite sure what it is. 
  • You know about the science of reading, but are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information on the internet and social media. You just want to know how to put it into practice! 
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I remember exactly what it is like to hit the classroom, burning with the desire to help kids get great results and have a bright future. I also remember the feeling of disappointment and anger when I realised that my degree had most definitely not prepared me to teach reading nearly well enough. 

Since that time I have worked as a private tutor, classroom teacher in disadvantaged schools, Teaching Principal in small schools and Assistant Principal and Curriculum Leader in a large school.  I now share my experience and knowledge through my blog and online courses. 

I 'get' what it's like to juggle 25 students, all with different needs. I understand exactly how it feels to be overwhelmed by the enormity of task of getting them all to where they need to be and I am here to help. 

Choose the time that's right for you